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October Vol.2


Defusing banking disputes and improving customer service

ATMgirlBanks have been reinventing themselves for a while now, trying to keep up with the way we access our money and other banking services. In fact, according to American Banker magazine “banking in 2018 is likely to be characterised by innovation and convenience, which ultimately puts the customer front and centre”. So, they are turning to technology to help – and one example of this is the application of ‘security’ devices to help them serve customers.
Banking and security have always gone hand in hand. It’s impossible to imagine a bank without it – after all, why would you entrust your life savings or investments to an institution with no security? Surveillance cameras have long been used here, providing monitoring and real-time coverage of all areas within a bank. But those technologies are also being used to help banks at a business level, improving customer service, among other things.



Hikvision announces technology integration with Videonetics

Videonetics___Hikvision_bannerThe integration enables Videonetics’ Intelligent Video Management Software (IVMS) to efficiently handle Hikvision H.265+ compressed video streams delivered by Hikvision network cameras. Hikvision announced technology partnership with Videonetics, a world-leading visual computing platform development company.
The partnership includes integration of Hikvision network cameras with Videonetics’ Intelligent Video Management Software (IVMS), which will enable customers to view, record and analyse Hikvision H.265+ compressed video streams from Hikvision network cameras, both in real-time preview and playback. Customers will also benefit from reduced cost of ownership due to low storage and bandwidth requirements without compromising the video quality. 



Securing offices in the 21st Century

Being as secure as work as you are at home

officeWhat’s stopping someone casually walking in to your office and getting up to no good (for instance corporate espionage, stealing, damage or worse…)? Your reception team? What if they are busy, or distracted? How many office buildings can you just walk into, unchallenged? Some companies operate with the theory that other colleagues will stop them. But, while this is recommended anyway, most people either don’t notice a visitor, or assume they belong there… Would you allow a stranger to simply walk into your home?
It’s said that businesses are four times more likely than homes to be broken into… which makes sense when you think about it. Some people would say there’s no ‘victim’ in an office burglary, as it’s less personal. This may be true, but that does not help a company to balance its books when it has to replace expensive equipment, or make up for losses when important information goes missing. So, businesses need some help. That comes in the form of security technologies to help them monitor their entrances, or even control access itself.







IPC Security Guide - Create a strong password

Account usernames and passwords are important data, used to identify and authenticate users. Default passwords and weak password pose a critical threat to user accounts and should not be used. To learn more about creating a strong password, please see IPC Security Guide 2.1.1.


Hikvision provides video surveillance upgrade for London’s Kew Gardens

When the iconic and hugely popular Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew in London needed to expand and upgrade their outdated analogue CCTV surveillance system, they turned to security experts The ITS Group, who provided a powerful HD video system from industry leader Hikvision.


Hikvision AcuSense Camera

With deep learning algorithm, Hikvision AcuSense Cameras kick VCA accuracy and efficiency up a notch, to be the expert in the field of area protection and perimeter security.


Business Development Manager Croatia at Hikvision

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